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Sudbury is a city in northern Ontario that is famous for its century long tradition of nickel mining. In fact, one of the most distinct landmarks in Sudbury is the Big Nickel, a towering, 30-foot replica of a Canadian nickel from the 50s. Sudbury has been a Canadian mining hub for over a century and two of the major mining corporations in Canada are based out of here, Vale (formerly known as Inco) and Xstrata (formerly known as Falconbridge). Apart from mining and logging, Sudbury also has growing educational and health sectors.

Sudbury is also home to two other celebrated landmarks. Sudbury is the site of the Inco Superstack, which is a 380m tall chimney that is equal in height to the Empire State Building in New York City. Sudbury is also where Science North is located. Science North is one of Canada's most interesting interactive science museums that draws thousands of visitors every year.

Sports are also a very big part of the culture in Sudbury. In particular, hockey is played by most youth growing up here and many young NHL players came from local Sudbury hockey rinks. Some of Sudbury's most famous NHL hockey players are George Armstrong and Art Ross. Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy, also grew up in Sudbury.

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