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Some 100 million people worldwide converse in German. It remains an important language in the fields of literature, art, philosophy, science, and history. Whether they teach elementary school students phrases like "hallo" and "auf wiedersehen," or help secondary students to read German novels, German teachers introduce students to a diverse culture. At the same time, they help shape a bilingual population in Canada with great job prospects down the road.
Like teachers of other subjects, German teachers must use motivating styles of instruction to engage students in the German language and culture. Though required to evaluate students' progress, assign work and administer tests, teachers of German must also identify the individual learning needs of students. In addition to a love of teaching, they should also enjoy learning themselves, as teachers are frequently required to attend conferences and participate in training workshops.

Responsibilities & Skills

The responsibility of a German teacher is to ensure students meet curriculum requirements, though these will vary by age group and school. In elementary school, for example, a German teacher might teach basic words and verbs, whereas in secondary school, curriculums will dictate more advanced work. German teachers may also be employed in mature learning facilities or as personal tutors which will mean adapting to different styles of learning and levels of progression.

- Fluent, or trained in the German language and culture
- Approachable with good communication skills to work with students of all ages
- High levels of motivation and energy
- Adaptable to a variety of learning styles

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in education
  • Must hold a provincial or territorial teaching certificate
  • Additional training in German may be required
  • Membership in a provincial or territorial teachers' association is usually needed

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