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If you love working with children then teaching assistant might be a great career option for you! Teaching assistants help teachers to implement learning strategies for children of all ages and cognitive abilities. They are not just limited to working in traditional schools. Teaching assistants are employed by camps, hospitals, alternative schools, early intervention programs, and child care centers.

Teaching assistants work with teachers to help ensure that all the students in the classroom are engaged with the lessons being taught. They often work with students one on one, or in small groups, to implement specialized behavior modification plans or teach individualized lesson plans. Teaching assistants are able to do more hands on work with students such as demonstrating activities, administering oral tests, or using assistive technology to support the student's learning efforts. Teaching assistants liaise regularly with teachers and the student's parents. A great teaching assistant finds ways to modify instructional strategies in order to motivate and encourage individual students.

Responsibilities & Skills

Teaching assistants must have a genuine passion for helping children of all abilities to learn and succeed. They must have a high level of resiliency to help them cope with the challenges inherent in working with groups of children that are highly active and demanding. An effective teaching assistant must also be able to
- innovate strategies to match student's interests and learning abilities;
- maintain a high level of discretion and confidentiality;
- work well in a team that consists of teachers, school administrators, parents, and students; and
- communicate clearly verbally and in writing.

Required Qualifications

  • Certificate, diploma, or degree in Education
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Clean Child Intervention Record System check

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