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2,253 Trade & Construction Jobs in Canada

Trade and construction jobs are filled by skilled manual workers with a specialization in a particular craft. These individuals receive a high degree of both practical and theoretical education of their trade, and are often classified with a Red Seal -- the industry's recognition of an interprovincial standard of excellence -- that may be voluntary or compulsory depending on the trade. There are many different trades certified by the Red Seal program in Canada, including cook, plumber, welder, hairstylist, baker, construction electrician, bricklayer, tile setter, roofer, and more.

Responsibilities & Skills

The responsibilities and skills of construction workers and tradespersons wholly depend on the area of employment and specialization. Obviously a hairstylist has very different responsibilities than a plumber. However, individuals in this area are generally good with their hands, physically fit to stand for long periods of time, and have careful attention to detail and knowledge of the health and safety regulations applying to their trade.

Required Qualifications

  • Completion of an approved apprenticeship program, including some post-secondary education, is usually required
  • Trade certification is needed in some provinces

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