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White Rock

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White Rock is a city in British Columbia and it is one of the twenty-one municipalities that make up of Metro Vancouver. It is located next to Surrey and it lies along the Pacific Coast of Canada. White Rock gets its name from a large white boulder that can be seen off its shores from its beach.

Many Vancouverites like to live in White Rock because of its relatively mild weather. The summers are warm and the winters are cool here however they rarely dipping below the freezing mark. Locals say that quite often when it is cloudy and rainy throughout the rest of Metro Vancouver, it is actually still sunny in White Rock.

The waterfront in White Rock is a favourite local stomping ground with its picturesque pier and promenade. Some popular movies and television shows have been filmed in White Rock including parts of Juno, Driven to Kill (a Steven Seagal classic) and some episodes of The X-files.

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