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BrailleRoom Coordinator and Transcription Specialist

CNIB Foundation

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BrailleRoom Coordinator and Transcription Specialist is a dual job coordinating the Volunteer BrailleRoom processes and workflows and the Transcription of Braille books with 50% time spent in each area.

This position is responsible for streamlining and maintaining the process of Braille certification and training, BrailleRoom procedures and correspondence. Converting processes to an online system, migrating from paper binders, documenting the established process for selection of new students, and the certification process for various Braille Codes. In addition to the tracking of all customized Braille work.

Production of Braille materials for Braille Publishing, meeting production goals as established by management, and ensuring standards are met. Evaluating files in XML, Word and DBT (Duxbury Braille Translation) Creating books for CELA and other Braille material.

This position provides administrative support and program support for the CNIB BrailleRoom and ...