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Location: Toronto
Company: FutureSight
Hours: Full time

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FutureSight is seeking an experienced and visionary entreprenenur who is driven to find disruptive business opportunities and then take a cofounder role in forming and scaling a new venture.

Our ideal candidate has extensive vertical industry experience or has been running or working in a software startup environment. We are looking for someone that is passionate about one of the following:

  • An urgent, valuable business problem
  • An emerging area, resulting from new technologies, ecosystems, or other market forces

About FutureSight and the Venture Studio Model

FutureSight builds and funds B2B SaaS companies solving the critical challenges of the mid-market. With over 80 years of experience delivering commercial software products, we understand the founder's journey of building from 0 to $100M ARR very well. Founders are surrounded by our extensive network of early-stage investors and mentors.

We co-create world-class software companies with driven entrepreneurs, and we do it in a way that gets them up and running in half the time. By working alongside a proven and diverse team, we minimize risk and increase the likelihood of startup success by 2-3x.

At the heart of FutureSight is a four-phase venture lifecycle - which systematically moves opportunities through ideation, validation, formation, and growth stages. New ideas are rigorously screened, market-tested, and validated before a venture is formed. Our core studio team consists of world-class entrepreneurs, along with experts in finance, human resources, marketing, design, engineering, product and technology.

Unlike incubators and accelerators, we are YOUR co-founder. The work we do allows you to focus on the unique elements needed to get to market faster and on the path to rapid growth.

Our verticals of interest include PropTech, EdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, Sensor Intelligence, Deskless Workforce, and Coaching Networks but we are not exclusive to these areas. We love exploring emerging industries that you may have a unique insight into.


  • Previous experience leading or working in an early stage or venture-backed startup or equivalent intrapreneurial experience
  • You are motivated and ready to start a new venture
  • You have the ability to think strategically and creatively analyze, synthesize, recommend and take actions
  • You have a self-driven “getting things done” attitude
  • You have experience delivering commercial software - ideally for a SaaS environment

What You'll Be Doing

  • Work closely with a multi-disciplined startup team (Founders, PMs, Engineers, etc.) to move your opportunity systematically through the FutureSight Lifecycle Process
  • Building a successful Canadian business as the founder from the ground up with a significant equity stake
  • Build an awesome team around you, grow revenue and customer base and raise investment
  • Iteratively create, test and refine the business model
  • Work with the team to secure lead customers to minimize time to revenue
  • Engage with the team in early-stage testing, validation, and refinement of business ideas to ensure product-market-fit
  • Create prototypes to help validate and sell potential solutions
  • For approved and formed opportunities, we have 6 months to launch an initial product, achieve initial market traction and ready the venture for external investment
  • Early-stage testing, validation, and refinement of business ideas to ensure product-market-fit


Compensation in our EIR role is a mix of cash and future equity opportunity. The equity upside has the potential to be many times the short-term compensation sacrifice. If you are looking for a full-time job with a full-time salary - this role isn’t a good fit for you. In the early days of the venture, founders receive a monthly stipend. Once the venture concept has been validated and incorporated, you will own the P/L of the new entity.

To Apply

  • Visit application form to upload your resume

Sorry, this job is not available in your region

Search for similar jobs in your region

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