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Urban Farming Manager

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Location: Bedford
Company: Soft Fruit Business Park Inc.

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Soft Fruit Business Park Inc. is a local as well as export-oriented, Nova Scotia-based company which is specialized in the marketing and sales of fruits and berries grown in Atlantic Canada. The company is one of the leading companies in Nova Scotia that adopted growing local berries on a large commercial scale using state-of-the-art hydroponic techniques, automated fertigation systems, high tables’ growing systems in closed spaces. The company is expanding its scope of business to include indoor and outdoor custom-designed and custom-made urban farming solutions of different sizes to suit urban centres. The company is seeking to hire an Urban Farming Manager. The position is full-time (30 hours/week) and permanent.

The Urban Farming Manager’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Strategize, plan, design, and manage the implementation of urban (indoor and outdoor) farming solutions offered by the company.
  • Develop strategies, policies, tools, and landscape designs for the offered urban farming solutions.
  • Ensure the full customization of the urban farming solutions offered by the company.
  • Designate and investigate the space attributes and land suitability of the urban farming locations.
  • Propose urban farming land-use models and land-reuse ideas for abended and leftover zones around and on the skirts of the cities, towns, and boroughs.
  • Propose the rehabilitation models of the vertical and buildings’ roof farms of the public managed and owned buildings.
  • Develop and produce Modular Urban Gardening (MUG) structure design that offers a flexible design for locally grown food.
  • Provide and produce landscape solutions for Community Food Gardens (CFG) that fit their ecological, financial, and social needs.
  • Provide landscape educational-purposed solutions for schools and community hydroponic and traditional food gardens (educational greenhouses, educational Hydroponic and Aquaponic systems).
  • Provide landscape solutions for different types of Urban Farming systems such as Hydroponic horizontal and vertical systems, the non-circulating Deep Water Culture (DWC), the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), and the Recirculating Deep-Water Culture (RDWC).
  • Designate, investigate, and manage urban ordinance stipulations, including working with local authorities for obtaining permits from municipalities.
  • Work with the local/provincial and federal institutions to secure any available funds for contaminated soil amendment or improvement.
  • Design and execute the architecture/landscape solutions to professionally fit each case space and area, aesthetic characteristics, lighting, colors, and materials.
  • Integrate the suitable farming system with architectural/interior/landscape designs.
  • Design and manage the execution of sustainability and energy conservation as part of the overall technical solution, maintaining the eco-balance of Fora and Fiona.
  • Design and source the most economic pumping and irrigation solutions.
  • Lead the education and marketing activities to promote the adoption of urban farming through awareness campaigns, providing proper training and education on the importance of developing case-by-case customised solutions.
  • Recruit, organize, train and manage technical support and product development staff.
  • Determine strategic planning related to new product lines and evaluation of new technologies and products which best fit the provision of optimum urban farming customised solutions.

Position Requirements:The successful candidate will have:
  • a Master or a Ph.D. in urban planning/architecture.
  • a combined expertise of urban planning, urban public works, multidisciplinary research & development, zoning & real-estate development, project management, and general management.
  • at least 20 years experience in developing reliable sustainable and smart urban farming in the city’s outdoor and indoor spaces in terms of strategy, policy tools, and principles.
  • at least 20 years experience as multi-tier expertise of the various angles of urban farming: visual aesthetics, better functionality, better productivity, economic feasibility, social and community gains energy conservation, sustainability & environmental compatibility, and smart city principles.
  • a proven experience in designing indoor and outdoor urban farms (previous works to be submitted with the application).
  • a proven strong technical experience; strategizing, development, budgeting, implementation, and management of related technical solutions a proven strong experience in adopting building stock to various climate conditions.
  • full proficiency in conceptual plans and landscape of rooftop farms.
  • full proficiency in landscape simulation technologies and software.
  • full proficiency in the management of Hydroponics monitoring software which continuously monitors pH, EC, humidity, water & air temperatures and wirelessly control lights, pumps, bubblers, air conditioners, humidified, dehumidifiers, etc, as well as the Internet of Things.
  • full proficiency in various Computer Aided Designs, computer graphics, and imaging technology.
  • a proven strong business experience; strategizing, development, budgeting, implementation, and management of product development, sales budgets, plans, and strategies.

Salary commensurate with experience.

Please apply by e-mail with a cover letter and resume to

Location of work: Bedford, Nova Scotia.

Contact Information:Soft Fruit Business Park Inc.

Address: 1496 Bedford Highway, Suite 104, Bedford NS, B4A 1E5.Telephone number: (902) 576 -3565.Email address:

Sorry, this job is not available in your region

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